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Selected publications:

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In vitro metabolic and mitogenic signaling of insulin glargine and its metabolites.
Sommerfeld MR, Müller G, Tschank G, Seipke G, Habermann P, Kurrle R, and Tennagels N.
PLoS One. (2010); Mar 4;5(3): e9540

ICE/Caspase-1 inhibitors as novel anti-inflammatory drugs.
Randle JC, Harding MW, Ku G, Schönharting M, and Kurrle R.
Expert Opin Investig Drugs. (2001); Jul 10(7): 1207-9. Review

Combination therapy of malononitrilamides and tacrolimus (FK 506) induced
long-term xenograft survival.

Schorlemmer HU and Kurrle R.
Transplant Proc. (1998) Dec 30(8):4170-3.

Costimulation via TCR and IL-1 receptor reveals a novel IL-1alpha-mediated autocrine pathway
of Th2 cell proliferation.

Huber M, Beuscher HU, Rohwer P, Kurrle R, Röllinghoff M, and Lohoff M.
J Immunol. (1998) May 1;160(9):4242-7.

Molecular characterization and functional analysis of murine interleukin 4 receptor allotypes.
Schulte T, Kurrle R, Röllinghoff M, and Gessner A.
J Exp Med. (1997) Nov 3;186(9):1419-29.

CD28-mediated activation of resting human T cells without costimulation of the CD3/TCR complex.
Siefken R, Kurrle R, and Schwinzer R.
Cell Immunol. (1997) Feb 25;176(1):59-65.

Differential susceptibility to HIV-GP120-sensitized apoptosis in CD4+ T-cell clones  with different T-helper phenotypes: role of CD95/CD95L interactions.
Accornero, P., M. Radrizzani, D. Delia, F. Gerosa, R. Kurrle, and M. P. Colombo
Blood (1997);89: 558-569..

alpha/beta-T cell receptor-directed therapy in rat allograft recipients. Long-term  survival of cardiac allografts after pretreatment with R73 mAb is  associated with upregulation of Th2-type cytokines.
Heidecke CD, Hancock WW, Westerholt S, Sewczik T, Jakobs F, Zantl N, Varzaru A, Siegling A,
Kurrle R, Deusch K, Volk HD, and Kupiec-Weglinski JW.
Transplantation. (1996) Mar 27;61(6):948-56.

Regulation of IL-1 activity by soluble IL-1 receptors.
Kurrle R, Lauffer L, Röder J, Kanzy EJ, Enssle KH, and Seiler FR.
Behring Inst Mitt. (1995) Jun;(96):45-57. Review

Clinical evaluation of induction immunosuppression with a murine IgG2b  monoclonal antibody
(BMA 031) directed toward the human alpha/beta-T  cell receptor.

Knight RJ, Kurrle R, McClain J, Racenberg J, Baghdahsarian V, Kerman R, Lewis R, van Buren CT,
and Kahan BD.
Transplantation. 1994 Jun 15;57(11):1581-8.

Construction, expression and characterization of humanized antibodies directed against the human alpha/beta T cell receptor.
Shearman CW, Pollock D, White G, Hehir K, Moore GP, Kanzy EJ, and Kurrle R.
J Immunol. 1991 Dec 15;147(12):4366-73.

Construction, expression, and biologic activity of murine/human chimeric antibodies  with specificity for the human alpha/beta T cell receptor. 
Shearman CW, Kanzy EJ, Lawrie DK, Li YW, Thammana P, Moore GP, and Kurrle R.
J Immunol. 1991 Feb 1;146(3):928-35.

BMA 031, a monoclonal antibody suited to identify the T-cell receptor alpha  beta/CD3 complex on viable human T lymphocytes
in normal and disease  states.

Borst J, van Dongen JJ, de Vries E, Comans-Bitter WM, van Tol MJ, Vossen JM, and Kurrle R.
Hum Immunol. (1990) Nov;29(3):175-88

Cluster Report: CD3,
In “Fourth International Workshop and Conference On Human Leukocyte Differentiation Antigens”,
 Vienna, (1989): 290-293,
Kurrle R.,

Selective stimulation of human T lymphocyte subsets by heteroconjugates of  antibodies to the T cell receptor and to subset-specific differentiation antigens.
Emmrich F, Rieber P, Kurrle R, and Eichmann K.
Eur J Immunol. (1988) Apr 18(4):645-8

Influenza virus-specific T cell-mediated cytotoxicity: integration of the virus  antigen into the target cell membrane is essential for target cell  formation.
Kurrle R, Wagner H, Röllinghoff M, and Rott R.
Eur J Immunol. (1979) Feb 9(2):107-11