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Profile of the founder 

Dr. rer. nat. Roland Kurrle studied biology and received his PhD from the University of Mainz, Germany, in 1980.

    Bullet_gold   For more than 30 years he has worked as executive R & D scientist and manager for
            major pharmaceutical companies in Germany and the USA in the field of
            immunology, biotherapeutics and associated disease areas, i.e. transplantation,
            autoimmune diseases and inflammatory disorders.

    Bullet_gold   As the leader of many R & D teams and projects he worked for companies like
            Behringwerke AG, Marburg,  Hoechst Marion Roussel Wiesbaden / Frankfurt, 
            Aventis Frankfurt / Bridgewater (New Jersey), and
            Sanofi-Aventis Bridgewater (New Jersey)/ Frankfurt.

    Bullet_gold   His responsibilities as manager, project team leader, project coordinator
            or scientific expert comprised internal and joint discovery and development
            programs in long-time collaborations with excellent, renowned biotech-
            or pharmaceutical companies, e.g.

        Diamond_1   Immunex (now Amgen),

        Diamond_1   Vertex,

        Diamond_1   Millennium (now Takeda),

        Diamond_1   Coley (now Pfizer),

        Diamond_1   IntegratedGenetics (now Genzyme / Sanofi),

        Diamond_1   Toyobo

        Diamond_1   Pfizer

With these teams he has worked in many of the projects throughout the whole
R & D value chain, from discovery concept to late clinical development.
Many discovery projects reached clinical development or market.

Well recognized examples are

       Bullet_rot   Enbrel® (TNF-antagonist, for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis)

       Bullet_rot   monoclonal antibodies for immunosuppressive and immunoregulatory treatment
               in organ- and bone marrow transplantation and in autoimmune diseases

       Bullet_rot   recombinant and small molecule cytokine – inhibitors, generated by rational drug
               design for treatment of allergies and inflammatory diseases

       Bullet_rot   recombinant growth and differentiation factors, i.e.  IL-2, g-IFN, EPO; GM-CSF, 
               G-CSF  – for several indications, incl. oncology)

       Bullet_rot   recombinant and oral immunosuppressive drugs for prophylaxis and therapy in
               organ- and bone marrow transplantation, as well as for therapy of
               autoimmune diseases.

       Bullet_rot   Most recentl, he was project team leader for discovery of novel
               recombinant insulins with modified time-action profiles.


His work resulted in

      Bullet_rot   > 100 publications in national and international journals or books

      Bullet_rot   presentations at numerous national and international conferences

      Bullet_rot   > 15 patent applications / patent families


During his career he was a member of multiple strategy teams to evaluate business opportunities, competitive situations, internal and external opportunities, in-license opportunities, technologies, projects and commercial attractiveness of disease areas.


Dr. Kurrle is a member of several academic societies, e.g. the German Society of Immunology since 1976.